There are many local factors affecting marketing and business development. People know your brand in home country. However, You may face problems while entring new market. 

We help you doing business in Iran by providing professional advice in many areas such as marketing studies, permissions, local law, distribution channels, distribution agent, after sale supports, feasibility studies, financial advisory, incorporation, etc. 

We work with many clients, addressing their business challenges with innovative solutions. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you as local persian partner. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Marketing & Development

  • Market research 
  • Distribution System
  • Distribution Agent
  • Local agent
  • after sale supports
  • Feasibility studies: BOO, BOT, BLT
  • Project investment
  • Governmental side: Permissions & licenses
  • Public share, stock market

 Import/export Procurement services

  • Sourcing (the goods & services)
  • Tenders: MR, RFP, CBE, TBE, evaluation
  • Contract, PO, Payment
  • Forwarding plan & insurance
  • Inspection: COI & PSI
  • Customs clearance

Financial services

  • Audit
  • Valuation
  • Tax services

Management consulting

  • Corporate strategy
  • Market entry
  • Market exit
  • Legal services

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